Inspiring music students since 1964

We believe that everyone can learn to enjoy and create music. Developing a lifelong love of music in our students is the most important part of our work. Here is our available classes:

Performance Workshop

Music Performance Workshop is a group class (mim 3 \ max 6) focused in music performance. It is a preparation for your Belmont Music Recital, students are require to perform in class with other students sometimes using different instruments and to create a personal and group repertoire. Common topics for classes are: Rhythmic accuracy, repertoire memorization and group playing. *Also notions of Music Theory (notation and harmony) plus Music History and Appreciation will be given in class.   

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are the most traditional form of music education. Used in India for thousands of years (the guru) and thru the Classical Music period in Europe (Bach use to teach private lessons) still today the most used form of music coaching in Universities and Conservatories around the world. The one o one  lesson is proved to be the best way to achieve fast results in learning how to play an music instrument. The teacher can focus in the student personal agenda, music style and learning speed and the student can enjoy a personal music consultant to help him to achieve his musical goals.